Start up

The courage to move from thinking about starting a new enterprise to actually beginning to do something is always the biggest step for the young entrepreneur. Young people are full of enthusiasm and coming up with innovative concepts is rarely the problem. Neither is courage an obstacle since, again, young people tend not to see risk in the way older people do. Polytech Strascheg has realised that the biggest obstacle to young people taking the first step towards entrepreneurship is knowing how to bring together all the ideas, resources and skills that are needed to get a good idea off the ground. That is why Polytech Strascheg devotes so much energy to activities aimed at multinational start-up support.

Start-up Support

Polytech Strascheg acts as a point of contact for young entrepreneurs and proposes direct help – or access to help from colleagues at a similar stage of start-up – to young entrepreneurs. Polytech Strascheg has a deep understanding of start-ups at all stages and can help young entrepreneurs right at the beginning read more


Consultancy is a many faceted activity for Polytech Stascheg. Firstly, and most obviously, the Polytech Strascheg world-wide network is able to undertake a wide range of commercial consultancy to companies in the North-Western region of Russia. Such activities provide further financing for Polytech Strascheg in its main field of activity – entrepreneurial support. read more

Co-working Space

A space to start turning your idea into reality is a vital element for any first phase start-up. Polytech Strascheg, together with the Technopark of Peter the Great Polytechnic University, has established a multinational start-up incubator geared specially to the needs of young entrepreneurs.Opens internal link in current window read more