Strascheg Business Plan Award - Rules and Guidelines

Strascheg Business Plan Award - Rules and Guidelines


The main objective of Business Plan Competition is to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst students, encouraging the acquisition of business modeling and planning skills as well as developing creativity. Students have to elaborate an idea and write a business plan in support of it. With this plan they have to convince potential partners and investors who might wish to support the project financially.

Terms and Deadlines

Registration will be open from 20 of November 2016 at 00:00 till 31 of December 2016 at 23:59

Phase I (Concept Paper Phase)

Participants should submit their contacts and a Word document with a description of the business idea and a summary of the business plan (no more than 1000 words in Russian or English). After the concept paper submission, a panel of judges will select a maximum of 10 teams for participation in Phase II of the competition. The teams selected to continue in the competition as finalists will be notified via e-mail by January 11, 2017..

Phase II (Business Plan Development Phase)

The selected finalist teams must submit hard (printed) and electronic copy of the Business Plan (no more than 2000 words) to SPbPU 3rd University Building, Room 108 at any time no later than January 18th, 2017. Teams will be required to provide a brief presentation of their business plan (see content requirements below) for 10 minutes in English. Judges will make their decisions and the formal recognition of the Strascheg Award 1-team winner will be acknowledged that day right after the presentations.

Content of business plan

The main goal is to demonstrate the potential of the plan for commercialization, scalability, feasibility of replication and the ability to meet customer needs. All business plans and presentations must be in English.

Your business plan should include:

The first slide of presentation should contain information about the name of the project and the names of participants.


All presentations (phase II) should be in English and should not exceed 10-12 minutes. Teams should be able to clearly showcase their idea and its potential, show knowledge of the market and basic financial information and be ready to answer the questions from the jury.

Evaluation Criteria

The judges will evaluate each Business Plan based on the following:

1)  Content of the plan, including the thoroughness and quality of the analysis

2)  Effective use of business information and research

3)  Clear communication.

4)  Effective use and impact of the financing money

5)  Probability of successful launch

6)  Community Impact

7)  Quality and effectiveness of final presentation


By the submission of your Business Plan, you understand and agree that a short description of your Business Plan will be considered a “public summary” of your plan and may be used in public documentation related to the competition. SPbPU will provide a copy of your business plan to competition staff and judges, and will inform them that no additional copies are to be made. SPbPU will have no responsibility to protect the intellectual property rights of each contestant. Protection of such rights is the responsibility of each applicant. The Business Plan will not be returned and will be destroyed after the competition has ended.


Vladimir Shchegolev - Director of Russian-German Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Polytech Strascheg

Tel. +7-812-9995295

Elizaveta Zotova - Assistant of Russian-German Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship  Polytech Strascheg

Business plans must be sent to: