Start-up Support

Polytech Strascheg acts as a point of contact for young entrepreneurs and proposes direct help – or access to help from colleagues at a similar stage of start-up – to young entrepreneurs. Polytech Strascheg has a deep understanding of start-ups at all stages and can help young entrepreneurs right at the beginning of the start-up phase or those further along the track who are looking to consolidate or expand their business. Should things not be going too well, then Polytech Strascheg is also able to provide advice on resolving day-to-day business issues, helping resolve crises in stormy times and also to advise on succession planning when things have settled down. But above all the Polytech Strascheg philosophy is to help entrepreneurs help themselves.

International Programme Support

Polytech Strascheg has used its network to initiate a regular programme of support activities for young entrepreneurs.

A good example of the way in which Polytech Strascheg puts its network at the disposal of young entrepreneurs occurred in February 2015 when Dimitri Morozov of BIOCAD was hosted at our premises and gave a fascinating talk on his entrepreneurial journey.

A more recent (May 2105) example of such international support activities was a week long computer simulation that enabled 30 participants to game entrepreneurial ideas from the perspective of strategic business planning and then to simulate the various options. The possibility to ‘play’ with solutions in the safe environment of a computer simulation is an extremely useful learning tool for young entrepreneurs.


+++ STRASCHEG BUSINESS PLAN AWARD 2016 FOR POLYTECH STUDENTS! +++ We invite students and postgraduates of SPbPU from November 20  to December 31 at 23:59 to take part in the competition for the best business plan for Strascheg Award.+++ READ MORE AND APPLY! +++

The Strascheg Awards, to be granted for the second time in 2016, have been established by Polytech Strascheg to recognise great entrepreneurial thinking among young people in Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (Polytech Strascheg Business Plan Award) and in the whole North-Western region of Russia (Polytech Strascheg UMNIK Award).

Entries will be evaluated for their innovative value, market potential and implementation prospects. The prize consists of a one week trip to Munich (Polytech Strascheg Business Plan Award) and a 400,000 Rouble equivalent cash grant (Polytech Strascheg UMNIK Award).

There will also be the the possibility of making use of the Polytech Strascheg facilities at the Technopark of Peter the Great Polytechnic University for a period of six months supported by one to one coaching for the winner from Polytech Strascheg entrepreneurship experts during this period.

Here you will find detail of how to enter for the award. 

Co-working Space

A space to start turning your idea into reality is a vital element for any first phase start-up. Polytech Strascheg, together with the Technopark of Peter the Great Polytechnic University, has established a multinational start-up incubator geared specially to the needs of young entrepreneurs.Opens internal link in current window read more