Polytech Strascheg aims to provide a range of inspirational activities for young entrepreneurs based in the St Petersburg region.  Some of these lead to qualifications approved by Polytech Strascheg whilst some activities allow participants to accrue ECTS points that may be transferred from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University to the home institution.  Whichever of the qualification activities works best for you, Polytech Strascheg is there to inspire, support and advise as your entrepreneurial idea moves towards fruition.

Schools & Workshops

Twice yearly, in Spring and Summer, Polytech Strascheg offers aspiring students the possibility to take part in schools of 7 to 10 days duration.  The events attract participants not only from the North-Western region of Russia but also from other parts of Europe and Asia giving students with entrepreneurial minds the ideal opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas under the auspices of Polytech Strascheg.  These events have a strong reputation among top level faculty from the best entrepreneur supporting Universities in Europe and Asia giving the events a unique quality in the field of entrepreneurial education. read more

Speaker Series

With wide access to experts in the field of entrepreneurship, Polytech Strascheg is instrumental at putting these contacts at the disposal of its wider student network.  One of the best ways of doing this is through the arrangement of a wide range of guest lectures and expert led discussions on entrepreneurship the Polytech Strascheg way.  Experts on entrepreneurship from Russia, Germany and further afield regularly come to St Petersburg to share the benefit of their entrepreneurial experiences with Polytech Strascheg’ ever growing group of friends in the North-Western region of Russia. read more


Polytech Strascheg makes use of a number of widely accepted teaching methodologies and, as with any university based pedagogy, approved courses lie at the heart of Polytech Strascheg’s approach to teaching.  Some of the courses are unique to Polytech Strascheg and are certified by that organisation whilst others introduce entrepreneurs to other teaching institutions and provided a blended learning experience in entrepreneurship leading to an international Master’s degree. read more