Schools & Workshops

Twice yearly, in Spring and Summer, Polytech Strascheg offers aspiring students the possibility to take part in schools of 7 to 10 days duration.  The events attract participants not only from the North-Western region of Russia but also from other parts of Europe and Asia giving students with entrepreneurial minds the ideal opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas under the auspices of Polytech Strascheg.  These events have a strong reputation among top level faculty from the best entrepreneur supporting Universities in Europe and Asia giving the events a unique quality in the field of entrepreneurial education.

St. Petersburg Global Entrepreneurship School

In the early golden days of a St Petersburg autumn, between 30th August and 10th September 2016, we hosted the latest edition of the St Petersburg Global Entrepreneurship School. With over 40 students from around the world attracted to take part in this significant event, the scene was set for the opportunity to study, practice and discuss entrepreneurship with peers and international experts.

As usual, the programme began with an opportunity to consider the meaning of entrepreneurship and then to develop innovative ideas for a start-up before bringing them to the proto-type phase. This year’s theme was “water” and participants had much fun working with ideas around this essential element of life. Apart from the practical aspects of entrepreneurship, participants had the opportunity to study basic Russian language skills and to gain insights into the specifics of the Russian business environment for entrepreneurs.

The school ended with a day of presentations and feedback on the pioneering projects with student groups being supported and advised by Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer, Chairman of the Steering Committee of Polytech Strascheg, and by Prof. Dr Vladimir Shchegolev, Head of Polytech Strascheg.

Of course participants had plenty of opportunities to take in the cultural heritage and beauty of the city – the highlight being a magnificent 2 hour boat cruise on the River Neva!

2015 year’s summer school was held in September – a beautiful time in St Petersburg - and attracted 50 students who were able to spend a fruitful 10 days working on their entrepreneurial ideas under the guidance of Polytech Strascheg mentors. The most popular activity was, as is often the case, the Real Project. This is a methodology for teaching entrepreneurship that has been perfected by Polytech Strascheg’s parent institution, the SCE in Munich, Germany. Students work in multidisciplinary teams towards a product prototype and business plan within a specified theme. The technique gives aspiring entrepreneurs experience of team working, goal setting and market exposure.

Flyer of St. Petersburg Global Entrepreneurship School 2017

St. Petersburg Global Business Computer Simulation School

The summer school is implemented by very experienced, highly qualified professors from Germany and Russia. The world’s leading lecturers in the field of innovative business simulation contribute to teaching within the program. Interactive training methods are used to stimulate and boost students’ involvement. Within the framework the students will attend a guest lecture delivered by a leader of a flourishing innovative business. Russian tutors and students will make stay of the international program participants pleasant and comfortable and will help them settle down on SPbPU campus and explore the magnificent St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Global Business Simulation provides you the opportunity to acquire the following capabilities:

  • skills in strategic managerial decisions taking in global innovative business
  • experience of interaction in cross-cultural teams
  • leadership and presentation skills. t. Petersburg.

Upon successful completion of the program the participants will receive a certificate issued by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Flyer of Global Business Computer Simulation School 2017

Think Act Tank

The interactive Think Act Tank brings members of the European and Asian Entrepreneurship community together to share experiences, to create future-oriented entrepreneurship programmes and to initiate interdisciplinary activities. Aimed at educators of entrepreneurs, this initiative of Polytech Strascheg in St Petersburg brings together those who have a special interest in teaching entrepreneurship and in transferring the knowledge and skills essential to successful entrepreneurial ventures. To be held in September the event attracts up to 50 participants from around the world and is a unique forum for specialists in the field to formulate methods of entrepreneurial teaching for the future. The forum in St. Petersburg gives all participants the possibilities to learn from each other and to appreciate best practice of various institutions as well as to get know the entrepreneurship eco-system of St. Petersburg, including well-known representatives of universities, innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.

Flyer Think Act Tank 2015