As part of the cooperation that exists between Polytech Strascheg, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Munich, Peter the Great State Polytechnical University and other European universities, every year a number of students at Masters level choose to write their final dissertation under the auspices of Polytech Strascheg academics as they bring their Masters studies to a close with a piece of important entrepreneurship research.

All these works represent a high degree of research quality, including rigour, transparency and validity.  Very often, students will place their work in a new area of research or will try some methodological innovation.

Although the usual criterial at Masters level do not always require the candidate to make significant conceptual or theoretical contributions to the field of entrepreneurship, it is often the case that Masters level students undertaking entrepreneurship research arrive at findings that impact policy-makers, practitioners or other researchers.

A list of thesis titles
written by Russian students and examined by Polytech Strascheg experts includes:

‘Assessing the strategic future orientation of JSC Russian Railways: A case study.’ (2014)

‘Creation and development of a start-up company: Start-up as a future permanent, competitive, high profit enterprise’ (2015)