Research Projects

Some of Polytech Strascheg’s most promising current research projects are concerned with probing the business decisions of young entrepreneurs and as such are of interest to both practitioners and academics.

Projects are often self-financed by the founder organisations of Polytech Strascheg but entrepreneurship research is also funded through applications to international research funding bodies.

In whatever way the research project comes about, the members of the team are supported by the world-class infrastructure of Polytech Strascheg at the Technopark of Peter the Great State Polytechnical University.

International Entrepreneurship Research

In so far as the decision to internationalise any business, young or mature, represents a major innovative move by the entrepreneur it is worthy of examination.  Polytech Strascheg recognises that the internationalisation of a young organisation puts it under great stress because of the scarcity of resources, capabilities and competences.  The entrepreneur will be all too aware that the internationalisation process puts the very survival of the company at risk.  The entrepreneurship research of Polytech Strascheg focuses on understanding, and then communicating, the critical success factors for profitable internationalisation.  

Culture in Entrepreneurship Research

Working from a broad understanding of the term culture, that includes technological, corporate and national cultures, researchers at Polytech Strascheg seek to appreciate the ways in which cultural factors combine in entrepreneurial decision making.  As technological culture defines the vocabulary of entrepreneurial discourse within a start-up, so corporate culture determines its decision making mechanisms whilst national cultures often determines the nature of the interactions among the entrepreneurial leadership team.  This complex convergence of relationships forms the focus of culture based entrepreneurship research at Polytech Strascheg, which aims to provide competence development solutions, based on pragmatic research-based findings, to entrepreneurs on matters of cultural exchange.

The Team in Entrepreneurial Research

Recognising that successful start-ups are often the work of teams and not only of individual entrepreneurs, Polytech Strascheg researches the dynamics of successful entrepreneurial teams. At the most basic level, entrepreneurship research reveals that successful start-up teams benefit from a wider range of competencies and capabilities resulting from the members’ own diverse and rich experience. Naturally, like all groups and teams, conflicts arise in start-up teams and the entrepreneurship research of Polytech Strascheg seeks to understand these positive and negative aspects of the application of team working to entrepreneurial ventures.

Some other research topics