Recognising that entrepreneurship research is growing in importance, both within the business community and among academics, Polytech Strascheg takes initiatives in initiating, supervising and publishing research relevant to the young entrepreneur.

Polytech Strascheg encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to its entrepreneurship research and brings together students, academics and representatives of young organisations from backgrounds in natural and social sciences, engineering, economics and management to undertake a wide variety of entrepreneurship research.

This multi-disciplinary approach is enriched by the unique cultural perspective of Polytech Strascheg researchers who come from Russia, Germany and sometimes other countries.

The entrepreneurship research undertaken under the auspices of Polytech Strascheg is published through a series of working papers, conference contributions and peer-reviewed publications. 

Research Projects

Some of Polytech Strascheg’s most promising current research projects are concerned with probing the business decisions of young entrepreneurs and as such are of interest to both practitioners and academics. read more


Every year a number of students at Masters level choose to write their final dissertation under the auspices of Polytech Strascheg academics as they bring their Masters studies to a close with a piece of important entrepreneurship research. read more

Entrepreneurship Research

Polytech Strascheg has been established with a view to becoming a dynamic setting where practitioners, academics and above all entrepreneurs, can explore the linkages between theory and practice in open dialogue and research. read more