Russian-German Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Polytech Strascheg” is an official structural unit within the Technopark of Peter the Great Polytechnic University. The experience of Polytech Strascheg in the establishment of some of the best entrepreneurship education in Germany, together with the local knowledge of the experts from Peter the Great Polytechnic University, provides an excellent foundation for the creation of Technopark as a centre of Entrepreneurship education in the North West Region of Russia. Polytech Strascheg is proud to champion such national network building.

Main national partners:

The Russian Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) is officially represented in St. Petersburg by the Technopark of Peter the Great Polytechnic University and gives financial support to innovative research projects in such areas as medicine, IT and others.

The Ingria Business Incubator is a structural unit of St. Petersburg Technopark. The project started in 2008 with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship training, education and development organization that promotes in Russia economic opportunity, helps build a strong middle class, and enhances the relationship between Russia and the US.

The Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education was established in 2008 when representatives of leading Russian universities and business schools, as well as a number of entrepreneurs, decided to join forces in order to develop entrepreneurship education and research in Russia.