Polytech Strascheg makes use of a number of widely accepted teaching methodologies and, as with any university based pedagogy, approved courses lie at the heart of Polytech Strascheg’s approach to teaching. Some of the courses are unique to Polytech Strascheg and are certified by that organisation whilst others introduce entrepreneurs to other teaching institutions and provided a blended learning experience in entrepreneurship leading to an international Master’s degree.

Real Projects

The methodology of Real Projects© has been developed by Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship over many years and we now have over 35 qualified and certified educators who are expert in working with students on a highly realistic simulation of an applied innovation process. Working within specialised themes, young entrepreneurs cooperate in cross functional teams with a view to moving from idea generation to prototype and business plan or international marketing research within three-four month period. The energy created within these dynamic teams have led to a number of business start-ups.

Entrepreneur Master Degree Support

 It is clear that entrepreneurship is a crucial element of any modern economy as more and more young people will be responsible for making their own careers through business ideas. Consequently great steps forward have been taken in the formal entrepreneurial education as it has been realised that entrepreneurs are not necessarily ‘born’ that way but can be ‘trained’ in entrepreneurial behaviours too!

International master degree programme “Innovative Entrepreneurship” of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University is developed with support of the Russian-German Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Polytech Strascheg”. The programme offers a unique opportunity not only to turn an idea into a successful business, but also to develop professionals capable of turning an idea into a profitable product through assertive risk-taking and innovation inside the company. The programme gives possibilities to do an internship in “Polytech Strascheg” on the basis of SPbPU's Technopark. It gives unique opportunities for international mobility to Europe and networking support for future career in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Flyer Master Innovative Entrepreneurship