Consultancy is a many faceted activity for Polytech Stascheg. Firstly, and most obviously, the Polytech Strascheg world-wide network is able to undertake a wide range of commercial consultancy to companies in the North-Western region of Russia. Such activities provide further financing for Polytech Strascheg in its main field of activity – entrepreneurial support.

Secondly, Polytech Strascheg provides its young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to participate in consulting assignments in partnership with experienced consultants as a way of broadening their experience and giving them insights into various alternative approaches to problem solving.

Both channels ensure that Polytech Steascheg is closely involved with the business community in the North-Western region of Russia, that the members of its network are fully tuned in with the status of entrepreneurial activity in the region and that its young entrepreneurs benefit from a wide range of experiences that later inform their start-up activities.